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Our claim

Make your digital workspace a safer place.

About us

We are a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) company. We do this by generating revenues from consultancy and product support.

What is letsopen.it?

letsopen.it is a on premise private cloud service for business users to convert suspicious document files into sanitized PDFs, so users can open them without worries. As we see malware infected documents spreading [1] [2], it is often not save to open a document file from an e-mail attachment or download, even if one has an anti virus running. On the other hand business users cannot just delete or skip document files they receive. For example, lawyers, tax advisors, or human resource departments shall open document files from clients. This results in high risk for IT security. letsopen.it helps to mitigate such risk considerably.

How letsopen.it works

We convert document files on a volatile live GNU/Linux based operating system instance. We support both, bare metal and virtualization hosts. Our solution runs within a demilitarized network zone. Thus the potentially dangerous file conversion is away from the corporate network. After conversion finishes, the operating system instance is wiped from memory. No matter the document file was clean or not. The only thing left is a sanitized PDF to download. By design this ensures security and data protection.

In a sketch

how letsopen.it works